Harvey Weinstein’s Legal Team Says Health Is At Risk After Conviction For Sex Crimes

According to a spokesman for the Harvey Weinstein legal team, the newly convicted man “can go stir crazy just staring at the emptiness” of his hospital room. He should get accustomed to it, because it’s about to get a whole lot worse when he’s carted off to prison. Weinstein faces a potentially 29-year prison sentence for the sexual assault and rape of two women; one in 2006 and another in 2013.

Weinstein’s alleged history of sexual harassment was one of the catalysts for the #MeToo movement, and his incarceration will certainly serve as a stark reminder that this type of behavior has serious, lifelong consequences. 

He is scheduled to receive his sentence on March 11. 

Naturally, his legal team says it will appeal the jury’s verdict. Spokesman Juda Engelmayer said, “It’s scaring him. I think he’s melancholy. He’s very, very low right now.”

Engelmayer went on to describe the hospital bedroom as akin to a jail cell. He was admitted there after complaining of chest pain on his way to New York City’s Rikers Island. Weinstein is known to suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure, but those looking from the outside inward have their doubts about the situation. Regardless, he is currently under guard, has limited visitation rights, but is allowed to make calls from a hospital common area.

Defense lawyer Arthur Aidala described Weinstein’s state of mind differently, saying he was “upbeat” and “in pretty good spirits.”

Although a whopping 80 women accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, the statute of limitation on most of those alleged encounters had passed. Weinstein argued that the women had lied, and that the sexual encounters were consensual.

Gloria Allred, a representative for some of those women, says that his treatment might be preferential. She wonders why Weinstein isn’t being treated inside Rikers.

Weinstein has lost nearly all his supporters over the course of the trial, but not longtime friend William Currao, who was once his college roommate. “He’s a friend,” Currao said. “I can’t just cut off a friend because of what they’ve done or not done.”

But of course his sentiments are very much at odds with most people within our society, who base their friends off of exactly what they’ve done or not done. 

While the jury did find Weinstein guilty of the aforementioned charges, it did acquit him of others. 

Directly after the verdict was read, Weinstein said, “But I’m innocent.”

He was handcuffed and led away.